Everything you have ever done

Everything you have ever done from Rutger Middendorp on Vimeo.

On november 3rd 2009 a select group of students from Liepaja University and the Academie voor Popcultuur will be in the same building at the same time after working on the same project for 5 days.
No coincidence it seems. But if we retrace the steps of every single person, it will turn out it is an absolute miracle that we are all there on that day. We have all made literal and figurative journeys to get there. Parents that told us to follow our hearts when picking a study. Friends that went in different directions. Chance encounters with strangers. Exams we failed, exams we triumphed on. Brushes with death. People that told us what not to do. Fears that almost kept us from doing something. Advice we took. Advice we didn’t take. In retrospect all of us being there is a one in a million chance.