As most of my loyal readers know I am smack dab in the middle of the mother of all renovations. We’ve been working on our house for close to three years now. Now in those three years I have learned two very important lessons that go beyond just the world of DIY: 1. You need good tools. The extra money you spend on them will be back in no time by time gained and limbs not cut off. 2. You need good suppliers. People that do what they say, are transparent when it comes to pricing and are willing to listen to you and come up with solutions. Case in point: Maretti. I’m a bit of a convenience freak, so I dreamt of a house with dimmable lights everywhere and more than one place to dim them from. So I found Lutron dimmers I could use and the place to get them was Maretti in Almere. Unfortunately they didn’t work as planned, so Maretti sent someone to do measurements. When he couldn’t find the problem they sent me a DAT-recorder to check if the voltage was ok. Problem found: it wasn’t the dimmers, it was my energy supplier that couldn’t deliver a steady stream. Now what?
Maretti offered to take the dimmers back and suggested I’d try a Jung dimmer that wasn’t as sensitive to spikes in the network. So I ordered those. And guess what: Maretti delivered them free of charge and even took it upon themselves to not charge me the extra costs for these more expensive dimmers.
Thumbs up to Maretti and may you have a fantastic 2010!