Concept to Creation – january 20th

What: Concept to creation session
When: January 20th, 10:00 to 15:00
Where: Academie voor Popcultuur, Achter de Hoven 23, Leeuwarden
For whom: anyone interested in concept development and creativity
: Free admission, please e-mail me if you are planning to attend
Speakers: [EDIT] Victor Ponten / Habbekrats (confirmed), Sef / Flinke Namen (confirmed), Rutger Middendorp / Academie voor Popcultuur (confirmed), Lenno Verhoog / HKU (unconfirmed)

If you are a creator of any type: be it a writer, a musician, a painter, a designer or an architect, the core of your business is getting all those flashes of inspiration, crazy ideas and sketches into a product. The end result may be very different depending on your line of work, but the process is roughly the same. Unfortunately finding information on the subject to help you improve isn’t straightforward. So as a little help to my friends I’m organising a session at the Academie voor Popcultuur in Leeuwarden.

Of course our own students are invited, but to make sure as many people meet that are interested in the same subject, I’ve also invited students of the Minerva Art Academy and the HKU. But it’s not a student only affair, professionals who are interested in developing and discussing the step from concept to creation are more than welcome. Give me a heads up by email if you are planning to attend.

Social Media Tag
To make sure information discovered on the day or after it can be shared and found by all in attendance I’m suggesting a tag that can be used on Delicious (if you’ve found a nice bookmark on the subject), Flickr (for photos regarding concept to creation), Twitter, and so on: please use concepttocreation. That way we can all find eachothers online material.