Radio Marita – the morning after

While half the world was contemplating the worth of an iPhone that can’t make a call and is sized for the visually impaired, I was sitting at home, hoping our latest project would be well received. Agentschap Telecom’s director Marita Schreur is leaving her position on february the 1st. Now she has told me from the very first time we met that she did not want to be seen as merely the people that kick in doors of radio-amateurs that are illegally transmitting. Agentschap Telecom is a company with highly skilled people, that occupy themselves with satellite permits, 3G internet, and so on.

Now anyone who has ever heard pirate radio knows that Marita is about the best name you can have if you’re a radio pirate. ‘Radio Marita’ it just sounds right. So the running gag had been around for a while. No better time to reveal her real identity than at the goodbye party. Roger and Ronnie from Schwung Visuell and me made a movie about the rise and fall of Radio Marita. We’ll post some clips here shortly.

A big thank you goes out to Hein, Gernant and Hans at Agentschap Telecom for commissioning this daring project.