Design hero Laurens van den Acker

This coming thursday I’ll interview Renault designs head honcho, my fellow countryman Laurens van den Acker. The man made a mark for himself at Mazda and spearheads the invasion of dutch car designers together with the likes of Adriaan van Hooydonk (the post Chris Bangle BMW design chief). The interview will be featured in the Bright iPad app and will make use of the interactive features of the platform. Now I’m not giving away too much, but I will admit I need to record sound. So I checked my gadget arsenal to see which would work best. My iPhone has a memo recorder, my Kodak Zi8 records sound and my MacBook can do the job as well. But none of them are made for the job and none of them have very good mics. Online I read I really need to use an external microphone. Now it just happens to be the case that I bought a USB microphone along with some other peripherals. I tested it on the MacBook and it worked like a charm. But I suspect Laurens is going to die laughing when I pull this microphone out of my bag.