Driving the Nissan Leaf

This tuesday I drove the Nissan Leaf in Lisbon (Portugal). The first affordable, practical mainstream electric vehicle that will be available in the Netherlands. And I must say it was a blast. Silent like a BMW 7-series. Stuffed with gear like cruise control, bluetooth handsfree and navigation. Besides that, Nissan has solved most of the flaws other electric vehicles suffer from. The range is decent with 160 kilometers. But with the Nissan Mobility package, you also have the possibility of swapping it in for the day (or holiday) and use a rental) if you need to go to the South of France. The battery technology is equally impressive. 3kg of lithium on 300kg of battery. Which is 1/10th of the amount found in for example the batteries of the Tesla Roadster.

For 30’000 euro you cannot get a lot more car than this. Together with Ronnie Zeemering of Schwung Visuell I shot a video that will be available on soon.