12 is the magic number

Foto: Hildebrandt/Lorenz

Imagine -27º Celcius, on 30 centimeters of ice, in a convertible car on skinny spiked tires, hands clamped on the wheel. Your breath fogging up your helmet. 19 other cars around you and your foot hovering over the gaspedal. It is about as awesome as it sounds.

Mazda’s Jur Raatjes invited Allard Kalff, Wouter Karssen, Tim Roks, Hans Winter, Sander Kersten and me to be teammates on the dutch ice racing team this week. We came, we saw, we sort of conquered in our own special way (12th of 20). Which at least let us beat 2 out of the 3 german teams.

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My personal highlight was a time of 5:12 which was second only to Allard Kallf’s 5:04 in training. That got me so excited I didn’t manage to repeat it the next day. But that’s just mathematics. The amount of adrenaline I got from this made me feel absurdly alive. A fantastic sensation. Thanks to all the teammates including Jur Raatjes, Jeffrey van der Vaart and Pieter van Gend. Expect a video on some time soon.


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