Bright 41

Bright 41 is out and it’s gorgeous. A big article about Bitcoin, explaining the phenomenon and why our National Bank is following it closely. And I am lucky to have written two articles for #41. BMW’s spectacular i8 is the first to get some love (and some criticism) and in my second article I explore the way Audi is helping both it’s racedrivers and regular drivers to stay alive during long stints behind the wheel. In some other Bright related business: the movie I made at Ferrari’s Maranello headquarters about Shell V-power is almost ready for distribution. You’ll see it here second (Bright is first 😉

And I’m back from a short adventure with the same people at the Spa Formula 1 Grand Prix or whatever the full official name is. Shell let me have a go in the official simulator they have built with Ferrari and I will write up a first impression of the sim tomorrow. So stay tuned onto and work on your dutch.