Shipping so far

I have finished 5 out of the 10 interviews I am doing for the NNPC. With people involved in shipping in various ways. What have I learned so far?

  1. People go into shipping mostly because they are born into it.
  2. People go into insurance, mostly because they happen to stumble upon it.
  3. Dealing with the finances of the ship, the cargo of the ship and the insurance of the ship are major undertakings.
  4. It’s a small world: most people in marine insurance and most brokers know (of) eachother.
  5. Capitalism, globalism and technological determinism are taking it’s toll on the shipping business. It is becoming less humane, less profitable and less enjoyable as a result.

It might be a sour note to end on, but I’ve got 5 more interviews to go. Let’s hope they bring a little light.