The last shipping interview

Tomorrow I’ll head over to Canada Feeder Lines for the last interview in the series for the NNPC. The last time I wrote about the subject was before the Occupy Wall Street movement started and still it ended in the observation that shipping is dehumanizing rapidly. And the last couple of interviews haven’t really changed that view. Although in a bad economic climate all the people I talked to are still able to make a living out of shipping, which is a good thing. Bottom line.

What is even more interesting is the type of feedback I got. My goal was always to write about the people I interviewed, more than their business. You don’t want to read the same story in 10 different versions. The people at Price Waterhouse Cooper for example were very generous in allowing a personal story, but others were demanding a total rewrite. Thankfully the NNPC has been very helpful in trying to convince people to allow the more personal versions of the stories. I’ll share some of them as soon as they are published.