The Wolf’s answers

Last weekend I travelled to Abu Dhabi. Had some fun in a dragracer, a Radical and some competition karts. But best of all was talking to Wolfgang Warnecke, Shell’s chief scientist. The man must have been the inspiration for ‘the Wolf’ in Pulp Fiction, cause he is badass. Even though he works for an oil company, he predicts a future in which either battery electric or hydrogen electric cars will be our main source of transport. He has done some calculations on the overall CO2 that is necessary for producing and driving cars and decided he should buy a Porsche 944 to be living green. Considering the life expectancy of the Porsche the trade-off of the higher CO2 emissions while driving are negated.

On the Bright website there’s a short interview with the man.


Even though I spend practically every tuesday and wednesday in Leeuwarden at the Academy for Pop Culture, I rarely write about it. Mostly because to me it has been such a steady everyday thing, that I sometimes fail to realize how special it is. The clip that Kevin Geurts made, reminded me that it definitely isn’t.

Online Exposure Rally

The Academy for Pop Culture has sent me to Latvia two times now and even though I couldn’t make it this year, I have had a hand in selecting students that could go. We asked Kia, Seat and Volkswagen to each sponsor a team, and each team to battle eachother in an Online Exposure Rally. Get from the Netherlands to Latvia in your car and rack up as many ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘views’ along the way.

So far both Team Seat and the Kia Team: Rio Rollers have been disturbingly quiet, but Team Bluemotion has some funny videos on ‘The Perfect Roadtrip’. Go and have a look.


Ciné Premières

Yesterday night I hosted the shorts competition for Ciné Premières 2011. A film festival dedicated to French cinema. With some great entries it promised to be quite the night. And it didn’t disappoint. Especially meeting directors Julien Petit, Olivier Treiner, Nicholas Silhol and the actress Sarah Suco and talk to them about telling stories, finding work and the ‘Occupy’ movement was very enjoyable. Having to speak French, Dutch and English, pretty much at the same time, proved quite a challenge. Thankfully I got so many compliments about my hosting duties, I blushed the entire way home.


It’s been one hell of a week. I drove a Range Rover Evoque and an all electric Nissan Leaf. I was in the UMCG hospital for work and non-pleasure. I briefed, debriefed and rebriefed 12 students to make sure they come up with something special for their sponsors in the Online Exposure Rally (Seat, Volkswagen and Kia). Then I moderated a day about Social Media in Culture with the lovely Cor Hospes, Hilde Smetsers and Marjelle Over for K & C Drenthe. The ride home with Wia Aalders en Jorijn Storm (two colleagues from the Hanzehogeschool who happened to attend the day I was moderating) turned into a tiny adventure when Wia’s car stopped working.
You’d say it’s a good thing tomorrow’s a saturday after a week like this. But waddayouknow: I’m hosting Ciné Premieres short film night tomorrow in Groningen. Interviewing some of the French directors and actors in my best ‘Allo ‘Allo English. It’s all in that one word: moderation.