It’s been one hell of a week. I drove a Range Rover Evoque and an all electric Nissan Leaf. I was in the UMCG hospital for work and non-pleasure. I briefed, debriefed and rebriefed 12 students to make sure they come up with something special for their sponsors in the Online Exposure Rally (Seat, Volkswagen and Kia). Then I moderated a day about Social Media in Culture with the lovely Cor Hospes, Hilde Smetsers and Marjelle Over for K & C Drenthe. The ride home with Wia Aalders en Jorijn Storm (two colleagues from the Hanzehogeschool who happened to attend the day I was moderating) turned into a tiny adventure when Wia’s car stopped working.
You’d say it’s a good thing tomorrow’s a saturday after a week like this. But waddayouknow: I’m hosting Ciné Premieres short film night tomorrow in Groningen. Interviewing some of the French directors and actors in my best ‘Allo ‘Allo English. It’s all in that one word: moderation.