Thank you!

I have had an absolutely amazing 2011. It’s hard to imagine, but this was the year I went ice racing in Sweden with Mazda, I drove my first Ferrari around the Fiorano racetrack and I felt the love of friends and family when both my son and wife were hospitalized. So in no apparent order and with the risk of overlooking someone, here you are: THANKS.

Erwin and Corrie, for putting up with me and giving me the opportunity to write and have adventures for Bright. Ivo, for being more human than PR. Dennis Homberg for your kindness. Mare, Merijn, Ritzo and Marijke, for offering shelter in a time of need. Nienke Maat for telling me what’s up. Vincent for giving me a supercharged V8 ride. Victor for being proof long distance relationships CAN work. Dirk for a nice party. Esther for cooking me crappy chili sin carne. Marten & Grietje for letting us use your trailer without us feeling guilty. Harm for drinking all my beer. Thea for being strong and loving. Rudo for always having my back. Katy Barber for surviving falling ceilings. Roger and Ronnie for Frankfurter adventures with white russians in bathrobes. Jur for having me on your team at -27. 2C for cucumbers. Bart and Mandy for electricity. Gerard for getting me some beautiful new doors and a floor to dance on. Ard for nagging me to work at his office. Hans for surviving 2011. The other Ard, for getting me some grade A transport to Berlin. Jan-Pier for being headstrong and positive. Hendrik-Jan for being patient. Albert for putting life before contracts. Remi Sinaï for his name and a little conversation on an Abu Dhabi rooftop. Allard for getting my son some shoes. Team Australia for nearly beating the Russians. Dunja for having me do the talking. And most of all: José and Joas for being their radiant selves every single day.