125 bhp from three cans of coke

For (the website accompanying the magazine) I am testing a series of vehicles with green technology. Going full electric with the Nissan Leaf, half-electric with the Opel Ampera and non-electric with the Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost. The latter was utterly impressive. With only a single liter of room for mixing fuel and air it produces an astounding 125bhp and 170Nm of torque. So while it seems like you are driving an absolutely regular car, you will notice at the gasstation that it is anything but. 1 liter of fuel will take you 20 kilometers if you ease up on the pedals.
Next in line is the Hyundai i40, a car that proves the Koreans have caught up. They’ve done so in sales a year ago (being the fourth best selling car company in the world), but design and features are picking up too.

In between all this eco-fun I got to enjoy the Volkswagen Golf GTI cabrio on the streets of the Mille Miglia and 10 different Porsches on a circuit in Lelystad. I’ll share the videos as soon as they are available.