The collapse of the American Dream

Making videos for Bright has been a joy from the start. But both me and videomakers Schwung Visuell have been critical about our own efforts. Making something that works for the web, but that is more than a bitesized cliché has been a challenge. From our very first effort with the Porsche Panamera, via the Audi A6 to the Golf GTI at the Mille Miglia, we’ve been improving steadily during the past few years. And trying to grow from ‘online review’ to ‘visual essay’ along the way. First we tried to say something funny and interesting about the car, now we are trying to talk more and more about the environment of cars. What does a certain car stand for, or the other way around: how does a car visualize something else going on in the world. With our latest project featuring the Chevrolet Camaro we discuss the collapse of the American Dream.