Moroccan Expedition

I am incredibly fortunate to travel to the most beautiful locations and drive the newest cars for magazine and website Bright. Last week I was invited to Morocco and drive the new Range Rover. It was the best business trip you can imagine. Land Rover makes a big deal about their cars being able to drive over and through almost everything. Without special tires, bullbars or roll cages. So we hit the dunes, crawled over rocks and waded rivers in next year’s Range Rover in the same spec they will drive out of the showrooms. The absolute highlight was balancing on two wheels. The lowlight seemed to follow only a second after when I felt my car slowly tipping over into what seemed to be too big a hole to crawl out of. I expected to hear a big thump, a crash and a smattering of glass. But the wheel was extended so far, that it kept the car at an impossible angle, which I then summoned the big supercharged V8 to drag me out of. And it did. Without any fuss. If you buy a Range Rover, treat yourself to some impossible obstacles every now and then.