Introducing Jack + Stella

Working as a lone gunman has a lot of upsides: you are free to work where and when you want, all the bounty is yours and nobody disagrees with you. But there’s a few drawbacks as well: it’s harder to settle into a rhythm, there’s no one to share the spoils with and feedback can be be few and far between. That is why I have collaborated with so many people in the past: photographers, designers, filmmakers and other creative types. But recently new types of work have come my way and it seemed as if a steady working relationship would be a good thing. So Reinout Tiekstra, Ard Boer and me have entered in a LAT (living apart together) workrelationship. On jobs we have that require extra knowledge, network, manpower and a feedback loop we work together under the name Jack + Stella. We’ll be presenting ourselves properly when we get all that work done.