Thank you

2012 was a year full of highlights, some repetition and a lot of realisations. I met new people, made new friends, lost track of others and got to know old friends better. I’m learning to love you more. So a big THANK YOU, in no apparent order and  in a semi-random selection, here you are:

José and Joas for unconditional love. Roger and Ronnie, for joining me on adventures. Cor, Anne-Karen, Ellis, Laurens, Jan Pier and all the other colleagues at the Academy for Pop Culture. The Cousteau crew. Michael Danker for travelling north and shooting some grade A material. Roelof for thinking along. Hannie, Dennis, Bart, Mandy, Per, Mike, Jur, Toine, Wencke, Ank, Mariko, Ralf, Diane, Femke, Anne, Jeroen, Piet, Arvyd, Pieter, Leo, Ard and Valentijn for allowing me to drive and write about it. Corrie and Erwin for being the client for some of my best adventures. Jaap, Bram, Thijs, Wieger-Jan and the rest of the Bright car delivery entourage. Geschikte Gasten for wanting to turn it up a notch. The Spa Clan (Ard, Hanneke, Rob, Marijke, Reinout, Madeleine) for an epic holiday. Remi for flying in from Switzerland for my birthday. Nienke for another year of valuable lessons. Victor and Sarah for providing an Amsterdam home. Richard, Annet and the other neighbors for giving our neighborhood a heart. All the people at the CBK, that believe I know something about art. Hans, Dirk and Inge at Marketing Groningen for challenging me. Maki and Jachim for creating some of my finest work so far. Mieke and Peter for an inspiring visit to Denmark. Marten, Grietje, Thea, Henk, Liselotte, de Tollen for being a big family right around the corner. Michiel, Joost and all the others that have worked on our house. Thomas Azier for a great night out in Paris. Harm Tilman for asking me some vital questions. Leonard and Per for an enjoyable stay in Istanbul. Jakob Warringa for being our go-to mechanic. Joke and Sita for finding me time and time again.