A new home

De Hoven’s old website was in dire need of a refresh when Sander Tiekstra and me first talked to them. Instead of making it look better and cutting some of the excess fat off it, we revamped the concept. De Hoven is a special organisation. It is fighting an uphill battle to give care to the elderly with common sense being more important than dogma’s and rules. So the website needed to reflect that outlook online. De Hoven would like to inform people personally about how it is to live at one of their homes instead of promoting a glossy image online. So the website is as bear as it can be. It shows the root of the organisation, the land it is in, the villages it is part of with an overlay of the information you would want at your fingertips, but not much more. You need to skip the website and call or come by as soon as possible. It’s going live today at

Design: Esther Fledderman
Realisation: Sander Tiekstra
Concept: Rutger Middendorp
Aerial photography: Roelof Bos