Bright #51: Renault Zoe, LaFerrari and tax tips.

Bright #51 is out. With an interesting and entertaining article on online shopping and what happens to returns. And believe it or not: three, drie, drei, tre articles by me. A short and sweet one with a big image of the LaFerrari to start off. The car featured in the cockpit section this month is Renault’s commendable Zoe. A micro Nissan Leaf with all the gadgets, but not the price tag. The story is about the car, but also the resistance the electric car faces from old school car journalists and well… most other people. Finding it hard to trade a little comfort for a substantially smaller CO2 footprint.

So not surprisingly I also wrote a piece that calculates how much tax reduction you can get when buying an electric vehicle. Fellow car journalist Tony Vos helped me out with photography for the Renault Zoe. Albert van Deel added some knowledge and calculations to the tax reduction piece. Thank you both!