Off-topic #6: Doing it three times

Some time ago I stumbled onto the book “50 succesmodellen” (or “the change book” in English) by Michael Krogerus. It’s a tiny little book filled with ideas, frameworks and models. Boy, that sounds boring. It ranges in topics from “Recognizing winners” to “What does your circle of friends say about you”. The most helpful one I found is the Result Optimisation model. YAWN!

Yes, they should have named it differently. How about: the-three-strikes-you’re-done-method?

The idea is simple. If you’d get a month for a project, you’d normally work towards one end result within that month. The radical thing here is: don’t do it once, do it three times. Divide your month in three periods of ten days and work towards an end result each period. The first time you have  a go at it, it will be quick and dirty. But the second time round you’ll have  a pretty good idea about what you need to know and do for this project. The third and final time you work on it, you’ll have previous ideas to build on and a little experience.

Now I’ve been preaching this to my students without necessarily practicing it myself. But I found out in two recent projects how much it would have helped to use this technique. So I hereby solemnly swear to do so in future projects.