Thank you

2013 was a year to be thankful for. I’ve been working on some challenging projects with talented and nice people for demanding but fair clients. And to surpass everything else, we got to invite young Filip into our lives. So in no apparent order: here’s my thank you’s for 2013.

José, Joas and Filip for making our house a home filled with love and joy. All the Cousteau-regulars for being honest and vulnerable. Young Gjiezing and Smiley Muskee for their excellence at musketeering. Marten, Grietje, Thea, Harm, Sikke and the other extended family in the neighborhood. Michiel and Bart for putting the finishing touches on our house. Arnoud and Liesbeth for your trust. Hans, Inge, Lianne and all the others at Marketing Groningen for smiles, cake and some of the most challenging projects I have worked on so far. Roelof for being patient and giving. Jascha for being frank, open and driven. Michael for asking me in. Martijn and Martijn at Soigneur for a great adventure and opportunity. Aldo for some grade A Autobahn transport. Corrie and Erwin for allowing me to have yet even more Bright adventures. Joop and Margriet for my second home. Tony for sharing a Zoe. Sander, Hans and P.E. for your patience. Ard, Reinout, Michiel and Arjen for never quitting. Paula for getting me to drive a Tesla Model S. Dennis, for not one but two excellent cars in a year. Rudo for buying a Porsche. Carolijn, Hannie, Jeroen and Anne for having me drive around topless all summer in some fantastic convertibles. Per and Lia for taking me to Le Mans and being awesome. Robocop Jaap and Mega Marisha. Willem-Jan for being the go to driver. Aischa. Mirjam for welcoming me as a Skoda driver. Jakob Warring for pulling my bumper. Wencke for the 208 GTI. Nienke, Mieke and Marije for good conversation and making me feel 27 again. Victor and Sarah for being there. Bart for navigating Tokyo with me. Lambert, Roelf, Ronnie and Roger for our UMCG woodland adventure. Meneer Berghuis for some excellent Latin translations. Julien and Laurieke for giving Bright day that roadtrip feel. Daniel, Jeroen, Selma, Jachim for making the Grensland project look so @$%$@ good. Johannes, Roelina and Tammy for dressing up. Paula for making Filips first week such a joy. All the people at the CBK, that believe I know something about art.