Thank you

2014 was a year of personal growth. In my relationships with family and friends, in my freelance work and at the Academy for Pop Culture. I’d like to thank everybody who has helped me grow last year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In particular (and no specific order) I’d like to mention a couple of people; José, Joas and Filip, for giving me such a warm, fun, patient and creative home.

All the Cousteau students from 2014: Arjen, Aischa, Adriaen, Attie, Carla, Christa, Constance, Corné, Carmen, Cyrilo, Dennis, Edward, Eke, Fay, Femke, Frank, Gabriël, Ivar, JP, Jennifer, Jop, Julien, Laurieke, Lisa, Lotte, Lothar, Maaike, Max, Menno, Nelleke, Roelina, Ramon, Rosan A., Rosan R., Rudy, Sjoerd, Sharon, Sophie, Tammy, Thomas, Tjalling, Vera, Victor and Wytse. And of course my faithful sidekick Cor!

Reinout, Madeleine, Ard, Hanneke, Rob, Marijke for sharing your holidays with us.
Victor and Sarah for being part of your wonderful wedding amongst your inspiring friends and family.

Per for an unforgettable one way journey Stuttgart – Leusden. Erwin for having the entrepreneurial spirit to go solo with Bright. Guy, Hannie, Attie, Ard and Harmen for an inspiring evening. Willem-Jan and Bram for driving some fabulous and less fabulous cars from all over to Winsum. Govert, Ferry, Marlies, Mandy, the Tesla crew, Renault and Bluekens for an electrifying weekend at Into the Great Wide Open.

Marketing Groningen, the Maki’s and all at Studio05 for a great cooperation. And everyone who didn’t just pop into my head when I wrote this. You know who you are!