Erwin van der Zandeeditor in chief Bright

“As a regular contributor at Bright Rutger is one of our defining voices. Great associative skills, well informed on relevant developments, quick to gain insight and with that contagious sparkle in his eyes. It’s a joy working with him”

Victor Pontenowner Habbekrats

“Rutger is to creativity what an engine is to a Ferrari F50: he gets it going 100 km / hour in an insignificant 3.87 seconds. In every possible way Rutger is a one of a kind man / father / husband / child / business partner / friend. I don’t know anybody who approaches a car, his son, a job or rebuilding his house with the same knowledge, enthusiasm, thoroughness and humour.”

Maarten Boercreative director Buutvrij

“Rutger is one of the most open-minded, social and creative people I’ve ever met. Moreover, he possesses the ability to relay his considerable knowledge of arts and ads onto the people around him. And he’s a nice guy.”

Hemmo Philbertfreelance advisor

“Rutger is one of those people that lead the charge in new developments in the city of Groningen. A bit wild and weirdo, eloquent, sometimes too hasty and associative.
A trendsetter. Rutger is Sturm und Drang. Nieuwe Garde. Chaotic. Energy.

Jack Brandsmainterior and product designer

“Rutger: beard, glasses, hyperenthusiastic, uut Grunn, down to earth, always looking for opportunities and possibilities, likes to take charge, takes initiatives, thoughtful, inquisitive, assertive.”

Lykle de Vriesproject director

“Rutger focuses on ‘the story’: what do you want to say? To whom? And why would this person want to hear your story? Both for developing concepts as constructing an advertising campaign this is the backbone and basis for success. Rutger doesn’t mince words and gives his opinion directly. If you like a strongheaded character, have something to say and aren’t afraid of trying something new, Rutger’s your man.

Mark-Pieter Bakkerowner Alfred Bakker Makelaars

“A creative spirit that listens well and asks useful questions to get under the skin of an organisation and come up with solutions to problems in a refreshing way”.

Peter Boerworld traveller

“In the two years that we have worked together Rutger has proven to be a very nice person with great teamspirit, and a great defender of creativity. Always on the lookout for new experiences and better quality he has been a great partner for coworkers and clients with expertise from sales to quality assurance and definition of processes.”