Hi. I am Rutger Middendorp. Together with my clients I find novel and interesting ways to tell stories. To convey an image, educate, inform or entertain. I'm both a visual thinker and someone who can see structures in chaos. Specialties: Identifying core values and desires in companies. Translating those into strategies and plans that benefit truthful energetic communication. Awaking enthusiasm, wonder and energy. I work for large companies like Vodafone and UMCG, but also for fast movers like Bright Magazine and Horus View and Explore.

Ebele Wybenga – Coverstories

“When we hired Rutger as a presenter, he came up with solutions for problems before we even spotted them. Cars and tech aren’t cold subjects in the hands of Rutger. With his warmth, wit and curiosity he elevates every video. Did you know he can even make German policewomen smile?”

Anouk Turkenburg – FD

“Rutger writes for FD Persoonlijk (the Financieel Dagblad’s weekendmagazine) on a regular basis. He comes up with original, creative ideas for articles about tech and gadgets. He likes to test products himself to assure an independent opion. That is what we like at FD.”

Talk to the artist

An artist want its work to speak for itself. But knowing what makes the artist tick, how the work came to be and how it relates to its surroundings is helpful. VHDG has organised themed artshows for years. And I have had the challenge and luck to host quite a few them.

“Before Christ there were slaves”

An interview with J. (10) about what he expects from the future. Resulting in an article for the Groninger Forum magazine. “Later we will have more robots. See, before Christ there were slaves. In a while we will have robots. That isn’t sad at all. Robots have no feelings. Unless you programme them to have…

FD Persoonlijk

The Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad is quite an institution. Started in 1943, focused on people in the know and 45000 newspapers printed daily. Every weekend there is a magazine called FD Persoonlijk. I have written articles about Speed Pedelecs, Drones, Smart lighting and other new technology for the magazine. Read more You can find…

Book: Creativity as a career

Planning to not have a boring career? You want to create and make a living out of it? Have I got the book for you. It is called Creativity as a career. And I wrote it. Well, most of it. Together with colleagues from Sweden, Finland, Spain and the Netherlands, I worked on this book….