What I do

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Reports on my basketball games for our club’s magazine. Blogposts for the award winning Moois Magazine. Interviews for the NNPC about the highs and lows of shipping. Long and short stories for Bright and FD Persoonlijk about the influence of technology and of design….

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I write, produce and present videos. If necessary I also shoot and edit them. I have worked on one-man productions and on crews with experts for sound, camera, directing and lighting working their magic. Most of my work is for Bright (RTL), but I have also presented videos for Eneco and other external clients and…

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Every party needs a host. Every meeting needs a moderator. As much as I like parties, I am more equipped to introduce a topic, to interview a guest, to start a conversation. I have moderated a wide range of meetings. The French Short Film Award, a convention on social media in the arts and quite…

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Others about me

  • Maarten Boer – Buutvrij

    “Rutger is one of the most open-minded, social and creative people I’ve ever met. Moreover, he possesses the ability to relay his considerable knowledge of arts and ads onto the people around him. And he’s a nice guy.”

    Maarten Boer – Buutvrij

  • Erwin van der Zande – Bright

    “As a regular contributor at Bright Rutger is one of our defining voices. Great associative skills, well informed on relevant developments, quick to gain insight and with that contagious sparkle in his eyes. It’s a joy working with him”

    Erwin van der Zande – Bright

  • Victor Ponten – New Amsterdam Film Company

    “Rutger is to creativity what an engine is to a Ferrari F50: he gets it going 100 km / hour in an insignificant 3.87 seconds. In every possible way Rutger is a one of a kind man / father / husband / child / business partner / friend. I don’t know anybody who approaches a car, his son, a job or rebuilding his house with the same knowledge, enthusiasm, thoroughness and humour.”

    Victor Ponten – New Amsterdam Film Company

Example Projects


  • Video: Bright Duurtest

  • FD Persoonlijk

    Het Financieele Dagblad
  • Book: Creativity as a career

    Academy for Pop Culture
  • Er gaat niets boven Groningen

    Ewoud Rooks
  • Coaching art

    CBK Groningen
  • Bright Ideas

  • Honeywell Evohome review

  • 1568 is everywhere

    Marketing Groningen
  • Royal Haskoning DHV ipad sales tool

  • Rosalind Franklin Fellowship

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