De Hoven

A new home

De Hoven’s old website was in dire need of a refresh when Sander Tiekstra and me first talked to them. Instead of making it look better and cutting some of the excess fat off it, we revamped the concept. De Hoven is a special organisation. It is fighting an uphill battle to give care to…

The flirt, the fling, the fledgling relationship.

Today front-end web developer Sander Tiekstra and me travelled to de Hoven for a brainstorm about the new de Hoven website for potential employees. The regular website will go live in january and this part will be developed straight after that. The brainstorm was focused on the process of potential employees getting to know de…

Living like you’re used to

De Hoven wants to make 1 thing very clear: if someone moves into one of their nursing homes the transitions should be as smooth as possible. So they will not nag people who have smoked for 50 years to stop. They will let you have your pet in your new room. Chickens in the garden….

Groningen = de Hoven

In the Netherlands there has been a worrying trend in the care for the elderly. Care is now measured in minutes, which leads to stressed out personel and degrading care. It’s more than clear that those making the policies don’t expect to be in care homes soon. De Hoven has quite a few care homes…