New Music Labs

The Buma bunch

At the invitation of Ard Boer (of New Music Labs fame) I’ve been talking with the people at Buma/Stemra about their positioning in this digital age. And not just me, the Buma bunch consists of Ferry Rooseboom (Excelsior), Arnoud Engelfriet (ICT-lawyer), Jiggy Djé, Ard and yours truly. In 45 minutes we’re off to the next…

Unconvention Groningen interview

The friendly people at Unconvention Groningen just posted an interview with none other than me on their website. I feel obliged to pardon my french english. A definite mixture of american-sitcom, hiphopalbum and BBC match of the day in my accent.

Zero budget marketing

Just ahead of the Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival and seminars Ard Boer’s New Music Labs is organizing Unconvention Groningen. A grass roots event for musicians. Nienke Maat asked me to moderate a panel on thursday the 14th on Zero Budget Marketing. If all my diva demands (private trailer, 3 six packs of sprite and just the one…