Rosalind Franklin Fellowship

Rosalind Franklin’s story is a sad one. Apparantly she was a deciding factor in the discovery of the double helix in DNA, but never got the recognition for it. Her discovery led to a Nobel Prize. Sadly not for her, but for three men: Watson, Crick and Wilkins. She died of cancer aged 37, most…


The University Medical Center Groningen is looking for medical students to enter their programme to become specialists. Together with Sander Tiekstra, who has been flying solo for a couple of months now, I have come up with a way to make a campaign site within the new UMCG site.

Hospital humour

A few weeks ago we were shooting pictures for the University Medical Center Groningen. Two radiologists looking at the outcome of a scan. Photographer Roelof Bos made some great shots. Afterwards we discussed the weird and wonderful things they see in scans sometimes: from cutlery to glassware to food. So a UMCG intern asked: ‘Do…

UMCG arbeidsmarktcommunicatie

Ondertussen draait de nieuwe arbeidsmarktcampagne van het UMCG al weer een jaar. En ons werk begint zijn vruchten af te werpen, getuige de (vertrouwelijke) cijfers. Esther Fledderman en ik ontwikkelden de nieuwe strategie en vorm in nauwe samenwerking met het UMCG. Op dit moment wordt ook hard gewerkt aan online uitingen die passen bij de…