Geschikte Gasten

Adidas Speedcell Basketball

Over a year ago I got to make a fool out of myself at ‘De Toekomst’, the training facility for the Ajax soccer club. Adidas launched their miCoach soccer shoes and I got to sprint, kick a ball around and underachieve amongst journalists who had played soccer since they were kids. So I asked the…

Icon 911

A couple of weeks ago I got to drive the new Porsche 911: the 991 Carrera S. And I took it round to a couple of people with opinions: architect Jurjen van der Meer, photographer Marije Kuiper and designer Jack Brandsma. On you can see and hear our conversations. Video by Kevin/Geschikte Gasten.

Silent Session

I have driven the all electric Nissan Leaf for just short of three months. And -other than the range- the topic of choice has been its near silence. So we decided to use it as a moving studio. We recorded Joost Biesheuvel and Croon Parade on the backseat of the Nissan for and the…