Soigneur x Canyon x me

When I was asked to write something for Soigneur magazine I was both thrilled and hesitant at the same time. The good thing: Soigneur is the most beautiful and interesting new magazine I had laid my eyes on in years. The bad thing: I know very little about cycling. Mercifully they were looking for an outsider and the story had to be about the design winning Canyon Speedmax CF bike. A bike that I had spotted a good year earlier in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen and that had really caught my eye. So the angle was there and I got photographer Martijn and me a nice Jaguar XJ-L to get us across Germany in style and comfort. We spent the better part of a day at the store, factory and design center of Canyon to talk about the history of the company and the development of this fantastic looking bike. Now I am proud to say that my article finds itself laid out beautifully over 8 pages in Soigneur #3. So thank you Martijn & Martijn @ Soigneur for giving me this opportunity. You can buy Soigneur #3 or a subscription at the Soigneur Shop.