3000 minutes V2

The first version of 3000 minutes went live some time ago. It worked quickly, contained a lot of valuable and funny content and looked good. Customer feedback suggested we could win a few points on the intuitiveness of the website. So Reinout Tiekstra overhauled the design and Arjen de Vries (das Blitz) and Michiel Bodewes (in orde) rewrote some of the code. The new 2.0 version is virtually foolproof. Which means that even if you’re not that smart: you’ll be able to use it. Especially with the intro and instruction video by Laurieke Kooijman and Maurits van der Boon (Ritz Cinemaworks).

So dig in: click around for some of the great tips that Groningen insiders can give you and make your own weekend timeline.